Sagan’s Current Favorite Toys

11 Jan

Instead of starting with a single product review, I’ve decided to compile a list of toys my very mobile and active 8-month-old loves at the moment.  While I fall into the crunchy mom category on most things, I do not excessively worry about plastic (as long as they are BPA free), and buy only wooden toys.  However, we generally stay away from the loud and flashy things, and while he does have a few of those, he tends to favor the more simple toys.


IKEA Stack and Nest Cups

These have remained a favorite longer than any other toy.  Any time someone builds them up, he quickly darts over to the tower to knock them down.  He hasn’t quite figure out how to build or nest them, but pushing it over makes him giggle every single time.  He also absolutely loves carrying one of the cups around, and pretending to drink out of them (my boy’s had an obsession with cups and water for a while now).,. or just chewing on the edges.  At $2.99, these are by far my favorite buy, and I’ve bought them for friends and recommend them constantly!


Guidecraft Shimmering Water Rainbow Blocks

Now these blocks are not recommended for kids under 3 and I can tell you why; they are very heavy.  Sagan loves picking them up when he’s standing to inspect them, and once dropped one on his foot, which obviously did not end well.  We’ve had no issues with them since moving them away from his reach while he’s standing up holding on to a table.  He will not sit down with them and inspect them, they are very visually interesting without being overstimulating.  Based on the reviews, I suspect they will be a staple as he grows older, since they seem very durable and fun at any age.


Hohner Kids 16″ Rainmaker

I cannot sing this thing enough praise, it is amazing.  It is instantly distracting (Baby trying to get into something he’s not supposed to?  Bust out the rainmaker!), and oh so much fun to roll around the floor and chase.  My mom picked this up somewhere for him, and it was an immediate favorite, I hadn’t seen him get that excited since…

31lV+W3gd5L._SL500_AA300_ Bright Stars Take’n Shake – Bird

I absolutely love anything I can add to his links because they are just so versatile, and since I’m sure everyone knows about them, I’ll not give them their own section (but they do deserve a mention)!  This bird was an instant favorite.  I was picking up a few things at Target with him, and of course had to browse through the baby toys.  I pulled on this guy, and Sagan was laughing hysterically at the noise of the vibrations.  Of course anything that warrants that kind of reaction needs to be purchased, and while he no longer laughs at it, he still loves to chew on this guy.


Infantino Vibrating Strawberry Teether

Speaking of chewing…At first I dismissed this stocking stuffer because it was incredibly difficult to get it to vibrate, however Sagan would continue to pull it out of his toy box because he loved the texture and yellow bug on the other end.  One day, in jest, I bit it myself and something clicked, fixing the vibration issue.  Having been chronically teething for months now, he absolutely loves the feeling of this now that it actually works!


I’m having an incredibly difficult time finding what I actually bought, but this is similar.  I won’t link to it because I have no idea if these are small enough to be choking hazard, but I recommend that the next time Christmas rolls around (though perhaps your baby will be too old by then), to pick up some jingle ball ornaments!  If your baby is anything like mine and was constantly going after the ornaments on the tree, these are a great idea.  The ones I got (from Rite Aid) fit perfectly into his hand, but were big enough where he couldn’t fit them into his mouth, and he loved the noise! (Note from Ori: If your baby is anything like Brielle, keep a close watch. She actually bit hard on her jinglebell. OUCH!)


3 Responses to “Sagan’s Current Favorite Toys”

  1. cgsf January 13, 2013 at 1:19 am #

    Atticus has very nontraditional toys that he prefers: my cellphone, his shoes, my shoes, cords of any kind, and christmas bows.

  2. ldweber January 17, 2013 at 3:42 pm #

    We also have a rain stick and that little bird that attaches to the links. Parker recently figured out how the bird actually works and he loves it.


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