Brielle and The Puppets

13 Jan

Brielle got to see her very first puppet show today. This puppet show was held at our local library, and there was ample room for all the kids to sit on the floor and see the show. We sat near the back to allow for Brielle to move around without, I hoped, bothering too many people.

Of course she was more interested in the outlet in the floor at first.  Seriously. Electrical_outlet_in_floor

Who puts electrical outlets in a floor? Someone who has never had children, I suspect.

The puppet show as very good for a free library show. They had cute music and handmade marionettes. They did the classic tale of Aladdin, brought down to a 5-year-old understanding. The disneyfied kids had only one question at the end. Where was the monkey?

There was no monkey, but how cool is this?


As a mom, the thing I noted was how many other moms apparently knew each other. I guess this shouldn’t really surprise me—our town is big but there isn’t a whole lot to do there, so a lot of moms go to all the same  events. We also live in kind of a suburb, so I guess there is a lot of school/park over lap.

It just got me thinking about communities, and networks. Obviously, I have my network of bumper mamas online, but what about those ladies with no reliable internet connection? Or those who need physical contact from friends? What about those ladies who are just plain shy? I found myself looking around the room for any quiet mamas who maybe needed a friend.

Brielle was glad to help in the effort, climbing on a few laps near by and proudly displaying the piece of carpet lint she had found to all who would pay attention to her. The mamas who were near me laughed and played with her, and marveled over her cleverness. It’s so easy being a baby. Everyone loves you then. I hope that I can help her keep that sense of open-minded friendliness as she grows older and it gets harder finding people who will love her. I hope I can temper that sense with wisdom to find friends who truly appreciate her company.

This is rather rambly, but I blame my sleep deprivation. I’m sure you can all relate. What fun activities are you up to with your kid(s) this weekend? Tell me in the comments!

*Picture Copyright Fratello Marionettes, published under fair use


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