Traveling with the Tot

18 Jan

So I’m gearing up for my first mother-daughter weekend trip with Brielle. I’ve never traveled this far without help, and I’m a little nervous. She tends to get rather hysterical over the indignity of seatbelts and her car seat in general (which is a Graco snugride). I’m just hoping she accepts her fate early. It’s a five hour drive (without stops, so more like 7 hours) and I hope to still have some hearing left at 30. Well, we’ll see. Maybe I’ll have to use one of those funny ear trumpets.


The height of fashion.

My excuse for this trip is to go down to prepare my mom to sell her/our old house. Of course, what I’ll really be doing is taking advantage of free grandma babysitting and having a Me Myself and I date. Or two. But I suppose I’ll have to do some work, and that means Brielle has to be somehow contained while I womanfully push couches around and carry boxes to the curb.

So the question now is, how to contain a highly mobile 8 month old? Sitting her in her car seat or her highchair with some snacks or a few toys is out, because of the aforementioned hysterics. Letting her crawl about willy-nilly also won’t work. I do not intend for our first ER visit to be for the removal of whatever shiny object she decided looked edible. Aside: we are working on a few phrases lately, the first and most important being ‘NOT IN THE MOUTH’. Why are dead leaves and bug parts considered delicacies in Baby Culture?

Containment issues aside, how many toys to bring? I mean, Brielle is still of the age to be entertained with a plastic cup, but surely she’ll need one or two toys.

Why oh why do such small people need so much paraphernalia? I have always been a light packer, and prided myself on never needing more than a back pack for a four day weekend.

Now though, I’ll be lucky if I fit everything I need in the backseat and trunk of my four door Nissan. Oh for the days I laughed at the mom’s with one small baby and a minivan. Oh, to own that minivan now!

So, I’m looking forward to a five hour drive filled with hysterical screeching, fast food, and singing along with the radio, with the end goal of musty closets and thrift store runs (and hopefully a movie date).

Sounds like your average mother-daughter weekend to me!

At least Brielle is looking forward to seeing grandma: 321190_878237118943_1371315835_n

What’s your weekend gonna be like?


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