The Traveler’s Necessities

24 Jan

I pride myself on my ability to pack light. I once went on a 6 day cruise in Hawaii with nothing more than a backpack. Then, I had a baby.

I know I mentioned in my previous post my shock and awe at the amount of stuff small babies require for basic day-to day life. It really is a lot. Here is an example of my packing list, for a four day weekend with Brielle:

Baby clothes (6 pairs, 2 sleepers)

Diapers, Diaper bag, Wipes, Bibs

Blankets (2)


Noise machine

Pack and play

High chair

Baby food (6 packages [we do semi-Baby Led Weaning])

Breast pump, 3 bottles

Box of ‘little toys’



Trust me…that was ‘light’ packing.

I still ended up doing laundry on Sunday, even though we only got there on Friday. There were only a few things from that list that weren’t essential to Brielle’s happiness and my sanity (and, I forgot her tooth brush and her bubble bath…bad mama!). Here’s the best of the bunch:

Diaper bag: Essential, especially if it doubles as your purse. If you get a good big one like my beloved Skip-hop, you have room for all the other essentials–phone charger, pack of gum, emergency chocolate. Y’know, the essentials. Sure, it’s pricey for a diaper bag, but you will never need another. it’s got cool little buckles to strap it to your stroller, pockets galore, and even a special place for wallet and phone.


Best. Diaper Bag. Ever.

High chair: We have the Fisher Price Healthy Choice. I adore this high chair. Sturdy, easy to clean because it’s all plastic, can be set on the floor or at the table. Small, light and simply amazing. Even if I didn’t use it as much as I thought, those 20 minutes with Brielle strapped in and munching her puffs were a life saver. About the only thing I have never used on this chair is the silly clear plastic tray that pops over the white food tray. I assume it’s to save the food for later in your fridge or something….I don’t even know where that clear tray has gone.  I think, the last time I saw it, Brielle was using it like a skate board.


But really, do I need a third tray?

Noise Machine: Brielle has never slept without some form of white noise. I was glad when all my stuff was piled into my car, that we had chosen a small and portable Graco Sweet Slumber. This noise machine is awesome for  young babies and older ones, having 6 different noise makers, a night light and even an input for your mp3 player if baby has a particular playlist they enjoy. Best of all, it can also be battery powered. White noise in the car without sacrificing my phone? YES PLEASE.


Also a night light. Yay, no more stubbed toes!

Sleeping arrangements: We co- slept until Brielle was 4 months old. then she moved into her own crib and has slept soundly there 75% of the time. Being in bed with mom now means it’s time to pull moms hair, babble excitedly and play with her squishy food-sources (my boobs). So number one on my list of absolutely essential was her pack and play. We bought the Graco brand  (we love Graco, can you tell?) and I couldn’t be happier. The pen snapped open in a minute flat, and Brielle slept there for a good portion of each night. We co-slept a little to save the sanity of our hosts. Brielle can sleep on her own, but if mom is right there she’s gonna yell about it until I go and get her. Those of you with small babies or not yet beyond-the-bump…Babies are loud.


Brielle also had lots of fun mushing her face against the mesh. So attractive.

So there you have it, my essentials. If I could do it all again, I’d probably leave the toys behind. Brielle was more interested in the wii-motes anyway.


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