The TV is On

1 Feb

There’s a lot of talk about “no TV before two”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about simply google that phrase and prepare for a fun-filled evening of ignorant commentary. Ignorant commentary that I myself subscribed to when I was pregnant. Blithely: “I won’t turn on the TV while she’s awake.” Of course, then Brielle was born and then we started co sleeping and then I was never apart from my baby for more than 2 hours. So my blithe promise became a compromise (which still has promise in it!). “I won’t turn on the tv for more than an hour and a half a day while Brielle is awake.” That means, really, babe gets about an hour’s worth of screen time. We are not a cable household (netflix only), and the TV does not serve as a background noise to our daily lives.

All of this is a disclaimer leading up to a mom confession.  My baby loves Downtown Abbey.

Warning: Fandoms Ahead.

I don’t know if it’s the smooth, polished British voices, the beautiful music, Dame Maggie Smith being amazing, or the fact that Downton men are smoking hot, but babes will crane her little head above her play pen (yes, we have a play pen too!) as soon as that merry little servant’s bell is rung. I think she has a crush on Thomas, personally. She’s not that good at the gaydar thing just yet.


If you haven’t seen Downton, this is not Thomas. This is Cousin Matthew.

We’ve watched TV together since she was very small…Or rather, I’ve watched it and she’s slept through it. Our newborn evening schedule looked like this:

5pm: Babe sleeps in swing, mom makes and eats dinner

6pm: Babe and mom settle in on the couch with boppy, water and Doctor who.  Babe begins to nurse.

11pm: Bed

That’s right, 5 hours of Doctor Who and nursing. Welcome to cluster feeding, guys, and be prepared for that, those of you reading this who have not yet had a baby. Newborns eat. A lot.


It’s ok. He Speaks Baby.

So I watched a lot of doctor who (6 seasons in two months), and honestly I don’t regret a minute of it. Those were some sweet times on the couch with my girl. I’d cuddle her little soft baby-self, and watch as the Doctor brought righteousness down upon the Daleks and the Cybermen, and yell at Moffat when he did it ALL WRONG. (Davies, Come back!)

So that’s it. That’s my mom confession. TV is so totally a thing in our house. But come on, of course it’s going to be. Today’s question isn’t going to be “do you watch TV,” It’s going to be “how much?”

Tell me your favorite shows in the comments!


2 Responses to “The TV is On”

  1. morasmum February 1, 2013 at 7:33 am #

    LOL! you are describing me during my maternity leave, but instead of new shows, i caught up on “gilmore girls” (seasons 5-7) and Bones (the whole thing!). And yes, my baby ate lots but cluster feed really made a difference on his sleep.

    Now that he is almost 2, he does not pay much attention to the TV unless we switch to bloomberg TV, I think he gets mesmerized by all the flashing numbers and chaos 🙂

    I love your blog, keep writing.

  2. Valerie February 1, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

    Oh my word, too funny that your little one likes it! Good taste must be in the genes! 😉

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