Making Hospital Stays More Bearable

6 Feb

ImageBlaine, my son, has been hospitalized on two occasions, each for about a week in length. Both experiences were very taxing on me. The first time, he was a month and a half and it was terrifying. He had to have a feeding tube and I felt sick to my stomach for him.

He was just hospitalized again and while I was there, I was thinking about ways to make it more bearable. I was all alone at the hospital with him most of the time. The first few days I didn’t even leave the room. Then I got stir crazy. I found ways to make the time pass and not to let having a sick kiddo get to me. Here are some ways to help a hospital stay go by faster:

  • Talk on the phone a lot. If your kid is relaxed, sleeping, whatever…distract yourself with calls to friends and relatives. Do not spend most of the time talking about your child. Allow who you are speaking with to transport you into their life for a bit.
  • Leave the room whenever possible, even if it is just fifteen minutes to unwind.
  • Shower. The hospital has one for families so shower daily. Showering really does make you feel brand new.
  • Focus on the positive. Did your child keep down solids today? Did they break their fever? Have a mental celebration for them!

Now, if you have a friend with a sick child at the hospital. These tips are guaranteed to make them feel less overwhelmed.

  • Visit often (with their permission).
  • Treat your friend to coffee at a near by coffee shop or even in the cafeteria.
  • Bring snacks and magazines. Nothing is better than distracting them with high calorie laden snacks and celeb smut.
  • Give your friend a break. Allow them to go out for a while while you keep their Little company. They will surely appreciate it.

Have any tips from long hospital stays? Share them!


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