Spiderman or Cinderella? The choice is up to her!

8 Feb

It’s 4:30pm and I’m leaving work, eager to pick up Aria from my Mom’s house. Every Monday and Wednesday, this is the highlight of my day. I walk in and notice her hair is flat (my husband had worked hard after bath time the night before to give her a mohawk). “What happened to her hair?” I ask. My Mom replies, “I fixed it. She looked like a boy. She needs a bow.” She doesn’t NEED a bow. Cue one of my biggest pet peeves, gender stereotyping. 

I’ve heard it a few times. We put Aria in a Star Wars onesie. She looks like a boy. We put her in an outfit representing a sports team. She looks like a boy. She’s not wearing pink. She looks like a boy. I say so what?!
Yes I dress Aria in pink, tutus, and headbands, but we also have a Darth Vader onesie, a race car outfit (Daddy likes cars!), and plenty of University of Louisville Cardinal attire. We’ve got dolls and princess stuff for her to play with, but we’ve also got Spiderman, trains, and a toy toolbox.
When I was younger my brother and I, only 4 years apart, would play together. He would play with me and my collection of Barbies, and I would race cars around the room with him and play Ninja Turtles. There were a ton of boys in my extended family and I grew up around sports, cars, and sci-fi movies. Today I love shopping and my favorite color is pink, but I’m also interested in cars, video games, college basketball, and absolutely LOVE football.
One of my biggest goals as a Mom is to support Aria in whatever she chooses to like, or shows interest in. If she wants to have a mohawk I’m okay with that. Girls can have mohawks. If she chooses football player over cheerleader, that’s okay too. I want my daughter to have the opportunity to discover her own interests and hobbies with an open mind, without people telling her she can’t because she’s a girl. I want her to know she can be her own person, whoever she chooses to be!



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