Parenting: More than meets the eye

12 Feb


Six years ago, when I first became a parent, I knew that I would be flooded with a rush of emotions. Those emotions would change from day to day, moment to moment. I knew that most of the time I would feel such overwhelming love and joy to be a parent. I never expected so much guilt to come with the territory.

Every decision you make on behalf of your child could impact them negatively or positively. That is such a heavy responsibility. You could be making the right choices that set them up on the right track for life (hopefully) or choices that seem so insignificant but can actually be major down the road. Honestly, this keeps me up at night.

Why wasn’t any of this in the baby books that I poured over during my first pregnancy? Why didn’t they explain that not every wave of emotions was going to be positive, that every experience would not be met with confidence and that yes, sometimes to lessen the pain of an experience you might lie to your child.

Where was my pamphlet on bullying, special needs, and sleep deprivation when I left the hospital? They gave me all the cutesy information…parenting is much more challenging than dealing with teething.

Maybe this is why I became so consumed with trying to make childhood magical and celebrating every little thing. Maybe, I wanted there to be many more stress free, fun, and special experiences than moments that are wrought with challenges. Life can be beautiful…we just have to strive to make it that way. Maybe let go and not think that every decision could have a catastrophic outcome. I don’t always need to know the answer, I just need to follow my heart. Be open to apologizing to our children for our shortcomings. Teaching them through our actions that mistakes happen and even parents make them.

Yes, I think I am getting the hang of it now…


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