It comes down to this…

2 Mar

My son, Jacob, is six years old. He is my oldest and for a long time it was just us. He thought I was a fun mom. We had play-dates all the time (still do), crafting parties (still do), and we made many moments into beautiful experiences.


This Wednesday was picture day. I helped him get ready. I helped him practice his smile.

I took him to school. I handed him his backpack and his friend came up. His friend asked if I was his mom. He grabbed his backpack, said no with a slight laugh in his voice and ran off. No hugs, kisses or sweet words to last for the day.

I went home sad. The baby that I grew in my body, painfully delivered (via emergency c-section), and the boy that I tuck in at night now seemed older. It was no longer cool for him to be hanging out with his mom…or even acknowledge his mom.

I thought I had more time before he was embarrassed by me. I look at my 9 month old and now I frantically try and hold on the his babyhood. I know one day, he will do the same.

Has anyone else had this happen? If so, how old was your little?


One Response to “It comes down to this…”

  1. amberperea March 2, 2013 at 4:37 pm #

    God, I have nightmares -literally- of the day that my baby pushes me off and tells me to drop him off down the block. Nooooooo…please stop growing! Please?

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