What no one told me about motherhood the second time around…

26 Mar

ImageMy first child was easy. He slept pretty well, he was either ahead of the curve or right on track. He was a cuddler but independent too. I assumed that baby number two would hold no surprises. But, here I am with a ten month old that has only slept through the night FOUR times. He is almost always in my arms and he is more co-dependent than independent. I love baby snuggles but my arms are sore. My back feels practically broken. My sleep deprivation is showing…on my face.

No one told me that the second child could be a million times harder than the first. That you may feel like you know jack shit. Because, honestly, I feel like my second should have been my first. My first spoiled me.

Just when I feel like I am going to break down and cry because I am covered in spit-up, pee & any other nasty thing, my baby give me a smile and I forget all that I am feeling. One sweet smile is all it takes.


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