We are a group of women who went through the great adventures of pregnancy, child birth, and now motherhood together. Originally anonymously complaining about our swollen ankles, never-ending pregnancies, and heartburn, and sharing the great accomplishment of growing another human being inside you on reddit, we quickly bonded and grew into great friends. We’ve spent over a year learning together, experiencing motherhood, and leaning on each other for support… and we’d like to bring that knowledge and support to you! By no means are we experts, as we are for the most part first time mothers, but we have learned so much from each other, we think others can see the benefit too. There are several regular bloggers, but also do take submission (especially birth stories!)

We are building a village, and we want you to join in.


Ori is a writer of the amateur bent. She has been noveling for the past ten years with no success at publishing, but a lot of enjoyment in the journey. Her daughter is Brielle, born April 28th, 2012. Her man is known here as Boyo, and is a software writer and musician. When not writing or chatting with her lovely lady friends, she is cooking, walking around the lake near her home, or trolling reddit.

Grace is a full-time mom living in Michigan with her son, Atticus, her husband, Steven, and their two dogs, Roxas and Tonka. Steven is a full-time paramedic. While not blogging and taking care of her son and house, Grace plays Minecraft with her husband and friends, and will be starting school to become an IBCLC.

Frances is currently on maternity leave with her first child, Iris, born in May 2012. She is a kindergarten teacher in Eastern Canada and lives with her husband, daughter Iris, fat cat Chester, and terribly naughty dog Leroy. Frances enjoys making things by sewing, knitting, and general mussing about with materials and is finally finishing the last course of her Masters of Education degree.

Devon is a full-time mom living in New Mexico with her husband and daughter, Temperance.  She is a graduate of University of Washington with a degree in English and hopes to continue with schooling to be a Teacher.  While not blogging or tending to her lovely 5 month old, she is usually redditting, crafting, or taking a much deserved nap.

Mumsie is a stay at home mom, part time college student, and working on starting a business teaching baby sign language. She, her fiancé and daughter Bailey live in Chicago with their dog and two cats. Mumsie is studying to become an interpreter for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community while her fiancé works to cover the monthly expenses. While not crafty, they do enjoy reading, cooking and playing computer games, even though there is rarely leisure time to do so. Mumsie grew up in both Lawrence, Kansas as well as Gilbert, Arizona, and can’t wait until she’s graduated and can move home.

Annie is mom to Baby Rex, who was born in June 2012, and wife to her husband, Papa Rex. She lives in Southern California and can’t wait till her son goes off to college so she can actually get some sleep.

Alicia spends most of her time taking care of her son, Sagan, born May 2012, but also works a few days a week at her old pharmacy gig to support her babylegs addiction.  Though originally from Germany, she has lived in the DC-area for 11 years, the past few accompanied by her cheeky chinchilla, Nox… and fiance and baby more recently than that.  She enjoys cooking, reading, wandering around with her son, and destroying block towers.

Michelle is more than just the mother of two sweet boys; she is an Avid reader, a cupcake enthusiast, and a bubbly blogger. For more of her works please visit: Crafty Bibliophile


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